May 20, 2024

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There’s no need to miss out on luxury when you take your dog with you on vacation. Many hotels now specialize in requesting furry friends.

Luxury travel with dogs is all the rage. In addition to soft dog beds and treats, the hotel now also offers dog wellness and gourmet menus for your four-legged companion. Dogs and cats can also go to the beach with Queen Mary 2. This is the only ocean cruise ship that allows pets. The dog owner takes care of his four-legged friends and expects their every wish. Animals are not allowed in the cabin. Dog checks into his hotel on Deck 12 for the journey from Southampton to New York.

Whether it’s tea time or a wellness weekend: interesting offers for luxury dogs

Dachshund with martini glass at the seaside
There’s no need to miss out on luxury when you take your dog with you on vacation. You can even cruise with your four-legged friends. (Iconic image) © Pond5 Images/Imago

But that’s not all. In London, the ‘Egerton House’ hotel invites dogs for a classy tea time, in the Netherlands, Bello & Company relaxes in a dog spa, and in Bavaria’s ‘Dogotel’ Moldan, dogs and their owners play in the water.together in the pool built report. Profitable business model: In German households he is a potential customer, as more than 10 million dogs live alone.

Whether it’s a luxury trip or not, if you want to go on vacation with your dog, you’re doing them a favor. This is because dogs usually have strong bonds with those they trust. However, there are some things to consider to ensure your vacation together is relaxing for both of you.

Your destination must be suitable for your dog – heat means stress

Dog owners should check in advance whether their desired destination is suitable for their pet. A vacation in nature is better than a city trip. The dog must be in good health and the climate suitable for a hiking holiday. Because heat means pure stress for many dogs. Owners should also be aware of regulations regarding leash and muzzle requirements in advance. Many beaches and nature reserves do not allow dogs, and some countries ban certain breeds of dogs from entering the country. Last but not least, your hotel or holiday accommodation must be able to accommodate dogs as guests.

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Thorough preparation is the key to everything.

If your dog travels internationally, it must be vaccinated against rabies. Dog owners should also research local diseases. A visit to your veterinarian a few weeks before your trip will clarify all your important questions. If you are going abroad, please check the entry and re-entry regulations in advance.

In the car: dogs must be restrained

If you want to go on vacation by car, your dog should already be used to driving.of ADAC He advises taking breaks every two to three hours to avoid heat and traffic jams. Therefore, night driving is best. According to the Road Traffic Act, dogs must be secured inside the vehicle. In other words, inside the transport box or using a harness with a seat belt. Check out our travel tips to learn how to travel by car without stressing your dog.

Inside the plane: a large dog flies through the cargo hold

Airplanes are easy for dogs to cope with, as long as they can travel with their owners on the plane. However, this only applies to small dogs and not all airlines allow dogs on board. Large animals must be flown in special boxes in the hold. This often means a lot of stress as the owner is not allowed to be with them. If your fear of flying becomes severe, it may be helpful to have a confident partner by your side. The same thing happened to Otis the dog on his first flight, but his best animal friend took away his fear. BER airport also relies on his four-legged support. A specially trained dog is working here as his anti-stress trainer. Stress is a foreign word to Welsh Corgi Winston (@worldwide_winston).A furry friend is relaxing in business class on a plane, and his owner thinks everything is wrong Instagram What was captured on camera.

By train: Some dogs can ride for free

Small dogs can ride the train for free. Large dogs whose transport box does not fit above or below the seat will require their own ticket, leash and muzzle. One of the animal passengers on the train was a cat named Pasha, who boarded the train alone and left.

Pack wisely: put this in your animal’s luggage

At the top of your packing list, especially if you’re traveling abroad, is your pet’s passport, the EU Pet Passport. In addition to the microchip number and owner details, the animal’s vaccination status will also be recorded. In general, all required dog vaccinations should be up to date. In addition to a collar, harness, leash, bowl, food, and blanket, you should also include a GPS tracker in your luggage. This means that owners can quickly find their dog if it gets lost while out and about. Alternatively, you should at least write the owner’s name and phone number on the dog’s harness tag. A small first aid kit and dog sunscreen can also be helpful. If you want to be on the safe side, check out the list of local German-speaking veterinarians in advance.

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