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In some areas, dogs must be kept on a leash. Training should start early to keep the animal relaxed.

In many regions of Germany, it is compulsory for dogs to be kept on a leash, especially during breeding and mating seasons, i.e. from spring to autumn. People who still let their dogs run loose in designated areas must be prepared for hefty fines. But dogs aren’t always happy when their sharp noses aren’t allowed to run to places that promise the next adventure. But just because your dog is on a leash doesn’t mean your dog will continue to be unhappy. Walking your dog on a leash is training.

Go to dog school early

The dog is sitting on a leash next to its owner.
Always leave the leash hanging loosely. © Pond5 Images/Imago

Just like humans, dogs have a much easier time learning things when they’re young. Therefore, it is best to start leash training when your dog is a puppy. Find a suitable dog school near you and practice with your dog every time you go for a walk.

If you want to do a little training yourself, here are some tips to help you get started. For example, let your puppy run around a little before the first exercise. At first I’m much calmer in terms of concentration. Put your little one on a leash and immediately reward him with a treat. That way you can go.’s new WhatsApp channel is here!

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short training rounds

Puppies have particular difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. Therefore, keep your practice rounds only a few minutes long. Even adult dogs can lose concentration after 15 minutes. Therefore, make the training easy for yourself and your dog and end the training after 5 minutes.

Now, take your puppy by your side and start walking. The line should hang loosely. It is helpful to try to divert your puppy’s attention away from the stimulating environment. If he’s focused on you, he’ll keep standing. Once he gets a few steps done, reward him with a treat.

If your dog is waiting and wandering around, stop and entice him with a treat. If he wants to rush forward and take the lead, call him to get his attention. Once you have it, turn around and go in a different direction. If he casually walks next to you, it’s time for a treat. If he runs forward again, repeat the process until he stays a few steps next to you.

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Hunting behavior cannot be trained.

A dog’s natural hunting behavior persists throughout its life, no matter how much you train it. Dogs, on the other hand, must learn to control their impulses and not panic at the slightest trainer Martin Rütter We recommend keeping external stimuli to your dog as low as possible, especially at the beginning of training. Therefore, you should not start leash training directly in a crowded pedestrian zone, but in your own garden or on your own premises. The less stimulation a dog is exposed to, the more it will be able to focus on its owner.

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