May 18, 2024

‘Balou’ is a savior in emergencies: dog warns family of house fire // East Hesse | News

More reliable than smoke detectors

Wiegand family and dog Barrow
Photo: Marius Orth

2024.04.18 / Hofbieber
On Saturday night, the Wiegans’ house in Hofbiber-Oerters (Fulda district) was burnt down. Balance Sheet: Damages of €250,000. But if it wasn’t for the good nose of their dog, Baloo, things might have gotten even worse. He warned of the fire with a loud cry, and he probably saved three lives.

Father Bernd Wiegand is the first to wake up. Around 1:40 a.m., Barrow, a Bernese-dachshund mix, arrives. In fact, he’s comfortable on the couch in the living room, but he senses a dangerous odor. The kitchen in the basement is on fire and smoke is coming into the first floor where the family is sleeping. “I was startled by Barrow’s bark and immediately saw smoke in the stairwell. Everything was on fire in the basement. The landline was out, so I woke everyone up and called the fire department. using a cell phone,” Wiegand explains. .

Elters Fire Department arrived on the scene within minutes. Already the outside windows were broken and the fire was spreading from the facade to the roof. Wigand’s wife, Andrea, took refuge with Barrow in Winter Garden. “We were only wearing pajamas. When the fire brigade came, we all had to flee the house.” Firefighting efforts continued until 6:45 a.m., after which the entrance was closed by police. was sealed off and the Wigands were no longer able to enter the house as the fire was investigated. “We still don’t know what caused the fire. It was probably an old appliance in the kitchen. On the night of the fire, I was escorted back to my apartment by the fire brigade and got some clothes and medicine. My mother and an acquaintance… I went there and said, “Okay.”

Smoke detectors don’t go off until later

It wasn’t until Monday that the family was allowed to return home, and their hero dog Barrow was thrilled. “Firefighters opened all the windows, but the smell of smoke lingered for a while. Barrow immediately smelled everything. “We are very confident that he saved our lives. “The fire alarm went off just five minutes after he started barking. No one knows if it was too late for us,” said Bernd Wiegand, who was taken to the emergency room. explains. Saturday night for smoke inhalation.

It was 7-year-old Barrow’s first heroic act. “He’s usually very comfortable, but he’s wary. We don’t stand a chance against thieves.” (mowing) +++


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