May 18, 2024

Omaha (USA) – It must have been a horrifying sight when two employees of a Nebraska accounting firm opened a waste container in their backyard on Monday morning. There was a bundle of fur bound in several places with silver duct tape.

My four-legged friend Leo has been seriously injured by someone. ©Screenshot/Facebook/Nebraska Humane Society

The previous evening, another employee had already noticed strange noises coming from the trash can. But she suspected it was a raccoon, so she didn’t investigate further.

The next day, a colleague found what they thought was a raccoon, but it was actually a poor dog that had been tied up by someone and thrown away like trash.

A team from the Nebraska Humane Society was immediately alerted and rushed to the backyard to save the animal at the last minute. Garbage collection arrived after only 30 minutes and emptied the container. You don’t want to imagine what happened to that animal.

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Not only was the four-legged friend’s entire head wrapped in tape, but so was his tail, front legs, and hind legs. Additionally, his fur was caked with dirt and food scraps. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Kevin W., who witnessed the shocking discovery, explains in an article. facebook post.

After the rescue, they were able to free him from the tape and finally reunite Leo with his family. © Image Montage/Screenshot/Facebook/Nebraska Humane Society

At the veterinary hospital, the poor animal was sedated to avoid pain when removing the tape. To remove all the tape residue, animal rights activists had to shave the four-legged friend’s fur in many areas.

After treatment, the little Cavapoo mix felt much better and was happily wagging his tail again during further examinations. Fortunately, they found a microchip that provided information about the animal’s owner.

The four-legged friend, known as Leo, had been missing since April 11th. The mutt ran away when his owner, Erin, tried to take his son to school. For her part, she can’t imagine how anyone could have the heart to torture a dog like that.

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“He’s the sweetest dog,” she explains. “I don’t know why anyone would do something like that.”

After being reunited, she gave Leo a gentle bath before heading to the vet, hoping to have his furry nose examined closely again.

There are no surveillance cameras in the backyard of the Omaha accounting firm, so there is no sign of the perpetrator. That’s why the Nebraska Humane Society has offered a reward of US$1,000 (approximately 936 euros) to catch the animal abuser.

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