May 20, 2024

Schessinghausen. The images could be straight out of a horror movie: long, sharp claws sticking out of a door, a dead puppy lying in the garden, a dog still alive and deeply injured crouched listlessly between building rubble and garden furniture. do not have. Animal caretakers at the Schessinghausen Animal Shelter will find it difficult to get these images out of their minds.

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At the end of January, I received a call from the vet. The dog’s owner had left it alone at a home in the Nienburg area. Only today, several months later, will animal rights activists be able to speak out about the horrific event. The animals were in a garden surrounded by an electric fence.

There’s a dead puppy in the garden

The yard contained building materials, construction debris, and children’s toys. Among all the junk, there were several dead puppies still lying in the skin of the fruit. Otherwise, the mother dog will bite you open in no time. Animals that were still alive at that time had no chance to escape the cold temperatures. They had no food or water.

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One dog was already in poor health and was immediately taken to a veterinary hospital. There they could no longer help her and she died with 12 dead puppies in her stomach. Another malnourished dog, believed to be pregnant, was wearing an electric collar with a dead battery. A young Bernese Mountain St. Bernard mix, about 6 months old, was completely malnourished, hunched over under a garden chair, anxious and very weak.

One dog was living separately from the other dogs on a completely destroyed sofa. There were many long nails sticking out of the door, and they had been driven into the door so that if the dog jumped on it, it wouldn’t cause serious injury. The dog was also completely devastated. She went to another animal shelter.

The owner had abandoned the dog two weeks ago.

Apparently the owners had already moved out two weeks ago. Life must have been miserable for the dogs even before they escaped. This young man was suffering from severe malnutrition, and his bones had become porous. His right front leg was already broken and his left front leg was also on the verge of breaking. The dog, who now goes by the name ‘Hippo’, has currently undergone surgery on his right front leg and screws have been inserted into his joint to increase stability. Surgery on his front left leg is scheduled for the next few days.

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The pregnant dog gave birth to seven puppies two days after arriving at the shelter. One of the puppies died two days after birth. At 5 weeks old, the completely exhausted dog developed an infection in her udder. Bacterial inflammation of the mammary glands. Therefore, she is no longer able to take care of her puppies. From then on, the caretaker cared for the young puppies day and night for three weeks.

The shocking lack of understanding from animal rights activists

There is still a sense of mistrust at the Schessinghausen animal shelter because of the incident. “I can’t believe that such a terrible incident happened in the Nienburg area. What’s even sadder is that this is definitely not the last time something like this will happen. Animal Protection Society of Nienburg and Surrounding Areas “Sometimes people are just plain cruel,” says Jessica Sass, president of the .

The puppies are doing well so far and are currently 10 weeks old and developing appropriately for their age. “We can start looking for a new home for the villains and their mother Frida. “Hippo”, who is now 9 months old, still has to survive a second surgery before he is ready to live in a new home. “We secretly hope he stays with his caregivers, but they are a well-trained team,” Sasse explains. “In any case, we hope they all find loving homes. They deserve it after what they’ve been through,” Sasse concluded.

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The dog is a Bernese Mountain Saint Bernard mix. Puppies have had their first vaccinations and are chipped. He is currently 10 weeks old and weighs 10 kg. Her mother Frida is 3 years old and has a loving personality. For those interested, note that these are huge animals. They must be cared for and supported as needed.

Donations to animal shelters

Schessinghausen Animal Shelter relies on donations. If you would like to support the work and animals there, please donate below.
Animal Welfare Association Nienburg and surrounding areas e. v.
Sparkasse Nienburg
IBAN: DE31 2565 0106 0000 2913 77
Small donations also help animal shelters.

If you are interested in Frida or the puppies, please contact the Schössinghausen Animal Shelter on 0 50 27 / 7 24 and leave a message on our answering machine.


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