July 12, 2024

In early April 2024, an animal shelter in Thuringia took in two completely neglected four-legged friends. Their condition at that time could only be described as catastrophic. Afterwards, employees took care of the two and did everything in their power to get them back on track.

A few weeks later, the first update came from an animal shelter in Thuringia. You can read what our two furry friends are up to here.

Animal shelter in Thuringia: emaciated and infested with parasites

Most of the pets in Germany have owners who take care of the animals. However, there are always cases when it turns out that not all four-legged friends are so lucky. This was also the case with his two male dogs, who were later named “Rüdiger” and “Heinrich” by the Wartburg Kreis eV animal shelter. They literally went through hell until they got into the experienced hands of a new caregiver.

+++ Thuringia: Shocking discovery in front of the lock of the animal shelter! “Our hearts bleed” +++

Employees met the dogs in front of the animal shelter. The original owner probably left it there “as is”. Our four-legged friend was in poor condition and his fur was completely infested with parasites. The male dog was emaciated down to his ribs, and animal protection groups are appealing for donations of money and food for the two dogs. This Facebook post received a lot of attention from Thuringians and was shared many times.

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“My ribs aren’t really visible anymore.”

The Facebook community also searched for two possible names, but in the end the names “Rüdiger” and “Heinrich” were chosen. The appeal for donations received many responses. The animal shelter thanked its dedicated donors in a Facebook post on Saturday (April 13): “Thank you to everyone who sent food and donations for these two animals.” expressed.

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It looks like the donation was definitely worth it. When you look at the photos of Rüdiger and Heinrich, you can clearly see that they look much more relaxed and healthy than when they were moved to the animal shelter. “I can’t see much of the ribs anymore,” writes Wartburgkreis Animals. shelter. Once they are vaccinated, there is nothing stopping them from finding new loving homes.

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