July 12, 2024

Animal shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia are home to thousands of dogs, cats and other small animals. Young puppies, especially purebred dogs, are much easier to do than older dogs. But finding a new home can be difficult for another group of four-legged friends: those with disabilities or handicaps.

The dog is also waiting for a new owner at an animal shelter in Essen. However, her past has not been easy for her.

Animal shelter Essen: disabled French bulldog

“So where are the French fans?” the Essen animal shelter asked its community on Facebook. Three French bulldogs are waiting for new owners at an animal shelter. One person was in particularly bad shape. Bella came to the animal shelter as a dog that was picked up with her head tilted and her vulva prolapsed. Animal rights activists say her medical records are as thick as a book. Among other things, she only has one eye, is deaf, and constantly takes allergy medication.

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However, all these restrictions did not deprive the dog of the joy of life. In the Facebook video, the cute dog can be seen jumping up and down as if nothing happened. “We are currently looking for a foster home for Bella who recognizes her as a dog and does not care about her appearance,” the Essen animal shelter wrote.

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two more french people

In addition to Bella, the shelter also has two other French bulldogs waiting for homes. DER WESTEN was there at the beginning of March and visited both. “The animals were originally confiscated due to poor housing conditions,” Janet Gadd, manager of the animal shelter, told the editorial board. The two are bright, playful, and cute. However, the breed is known for its torture breeding, so the two four-legged friends will have to live with a handicap for the rest of their lives. We reported on this duo here.

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Despite the construction site, the three dogs are happy, playful, and adorable. In the comments, the community also hopes that the three Frenchmen, especially Vera, who is disabled, will soon find a new home.

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