May 27, 2024

Dogs are people’s eternal companions. There’s a reason for that. They are always faithful friends of humans, but the strong animals among them also serve as protectors of humans and livestock. You will soon find out what these are and which is the strongest dog in the world.

Hercules and Herculin – which is the strongest dog in the world? © unsplash/David Taffet

There are now hundreds of breeds of dogs, some of which are so different that they look like different animals.

Whether small and skinny, tall and stocky, or large and muscular, they are all capable of baring their teeth in defense of their masters.

But what we often forget about our favorite animals is that, biologically speaking, they’re all predators. Thanks to their diversity, they have left behind a wide variety of records.

In this article, TAG24 will introduce you to the strongest players among them and introduce you to the record holders.

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Which dog is the strongest in the world?

To answer the question and find the strongest dog in the world, we first need to define what we mean by strong. The following attributes are often associated with strength and power.

  • height and weight
  • combat ability
  • physical strength and endurance
  • traction
  • bite force

Despite these categories, it is very difficult to objectively determine who is the strongest. Of course, size and weight are not necessarily indicative of strength, nor is appearance. Combat ability, muscle strength, and endurance are difficult to measure, and research results are not yet available.

Information about traction is similarly inadequate. Pulling force is also a poor indicator of strength in many dog ​​breeds due to the lack of measurements regarding their ability to pull weights and how performance depends on training and other factors.

Therefore, in International Weight Pulling Association competitions, there are several “strongest” dogs depending on weight class, but not necessarily depending on breed.


Strongest biter: Kangal Shepherd Dog

Kangals have always been used as sheepdogs because of their strength and size. Defend the herd from attackers, including bears. © 123RF/Bobby Bradley

A commonly used category to determine the strongest dog is biting power. The reason for this is that measurements exist, although they are not always consistent. Therefore, breed-specific bite forces are not completely reliable. However, it is generally believed that the larger the jaw, the stronger the jaw.

Values ​​are usually given in units called PSI (pounds per square inch). For comparison: Human bite force is 120-140 PSI.

The 10 dog breeds with the strongest bites have bite forces ranging from 200 to 740 PSI. The record holder is the Kangal Shepherd Dog. With a bite force of 740 PSI, it bites harder than a lion with 691 PSI.

This breed of dog, originally from Turkey, has been a livestock guard dog since the 12th century, protecting sheep from wolves, jackals, and even bears. However, he is a loving person towards others. It is a gigantic, muscular body with a height of 90 centimeters and a weight of approximately 70 kilograms. They are also said to have a high pain threshold.

Dogs with stronger bites and stronger bites

In addition to the Kangal, which has the strongest biting force, there are other dogs that are considered to be among the strongest dogs thanks to their powerful biting ability.

Platz 2: doberman Basecraft: 600 PSI

Platz 3: cane corso Basecraft: 600 PSI

The Cane Corso Italiano is also called the Italian Mastiff or Italian Moros. © 123rf/Pavel Shlykov

Platz 4: english mastiff Base Craft: 560 PSI

Platz 5: bordeaux dog Base Craft: 556 PSI

Rottweilers are on the breed list even though they actually have a gentle nature. They are still considered high risk. ©Unsplash/Kevin Sabel

Platz 6: rottweiler Basecraft: 330 PSI

Platz 7: american bulldog Bias craft: 300 PSI

Platts 8: german shepherd dog Base craft: 240 PSI

Platts 9: american pit bull terrier Base Craft: 235 PSI

Platts 10: dutch shepherd Base Craft: 225 PSI

A strong dog with strong pulling power

Often considered one of the strongest dogs siberian husky, alaskan malamute and greenland dog Thanks to its durability and high traction. As such, they are often used as sled dogs, as they can be pulled over long distances over long distances, even in difficult terrain.

Don’t forget about other strong dogs

However, these powerful dogs should not be forgotten, as they are not pullers or particularly strong biters.

German Mastiff: The Gentle Giant is considered one of the strongest dogs due to being the largest dog breed and due to its muscular body and weight.

Irish Wolfhound: At 81 cm tall, 54 kg in weight, and 64 km/h, the Irish Wolfhound is considered one of the strongest dogs.

Newfoundland: Despite his size and strength, he is gentle and gentle and loves children. © 123RF/Rashigade

Newfoundland: I can see his strength. The muscular Newfoundland is a strong companion both on land and in the water.

Bernhard Diner: The Saint Bernard is one of the heaviest dog breeds and is said to be extremely powerful.

Pitbull: Pit bulls, which look very muscular, also regularly rank on lists of the strongest dogs.


The above dog breeds, which are among the strongest dogs in the world, prove that being strong doesn’t mean being aggressive. When it comes to biting power, Kangal Shepherd Dogs are far superior.

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