May 21, 2024

That’s why Pirna Animal Shelter’s dog Hank is so lucky

A few days ago, the Pirna animal shelter was featured on TV again. The success of our four-legged friends is remarkable.

That's obvious. Pirna Animal Shelter's dog Hank loves water. Now he should be handed over to a new owner.

That’s obvious. Pirna Animal Shelter’s dog Hank loves water. Now he should be handed over to a new owner.
© Pirna Animal Shelter

Presenter Uta Bressan is no stranger to the Pirna animal shelter in Krietschwitz. She often filmed her MDR program “Thierish, Thierish” here. The objective is to help the featured four-legged friends find new homes.

It seems to have worked this time as well. This program was broadcast on April 10th. There were many reactions.

Everyone wants German Shepherd Hank from Pirna Animal Shelter

The most telegenic star is clearly Hank the German Shepherd. “I received a lot of inquiries right after the program aired,” Leon Gebrek says happily. He is the president of the Animal Protection Society of Pirna and surrounding areas.

The purebred German shepherd has been living in an animal shelter since the summer of 2023. Gebrek reported that his previous owner became ill and was no longer able to adequately care for Hank. Hank is very people-oriented and kind, so his great interest in his furry friends is not that surprising. “No matter where that person is, Hank wants to be there and be a part of what’s going on,” the club president says. Hank also really loves water.

Dogs also understand basic commands. “Now we have to figure out who is a good fit for Hank among a number of interested parties and callers. Of course, the new environment will also have to be a good fit for him,” Gebrek said. says Mr. He is confident the four-legged friend will have a new home by summer at the latest.

Maya also has ample opportunity to find new environments. The mutts featured on the show haven’t had an easy fate so far. She is from Bulgaria. In this country, without a permanent home, our four-legged friends have little chance of survival. But then Maya was adopted by her family in the Hanover area. However, it turned out that the dog did not get along with the children in her family. All the animal shelters in the area were full, so the Pirna facility was asked if they could adopt Maya. you could.

Now, a couple wants to adopt the dog. “But the couple has their own dog, so the two four-legged friends have to get along,” says Gebrek.

Max is the third dog in the MDR portrait

The third dog in the group that MDR drew for placement is Max, who is from Romania. He had no chance of being placed in an animal shelter there and was threatened with death, so he was brought to the Pirna animal shelter through an organization. A gentleman is currently interested in Max. “They have already met. I think they will find a new owner by the end of April at the latest,” Gebrek said.

Rising electricity and heating costs: Prices at animal shelters rise

Anyone who has to surrender their four-legged friend to the Pirna Animal Shelter for whatever reason will have to dig deep into their own pockets. Delivery and adoption fees for dogs have increased by around 40 euros, and for cats by around 20 euros. That is, the adoption of a cat will cost him from 150 euros, and for a male cat he will cost from 130 euros. If you want to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, you will pay at least 320 euros. Owners must pay a fee of at least 80 euros to adopt a cat, and for dogs it starts at 180 euros.

Animal shelters justify this increase by citing increased costs for heating and electricity, among other things. “But veterinary treatment costs are also higher, and that is the main reason,” Gebrek stressed, noting that with previous treatment costs the club would have been operating in the red. “As a registered association, we have to reach zero,” said the animal shelter director.

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