May 27, 2024

Anyone who lets their dog roam free should be able to call the dog back at any time. Especially now, many wild animals are raising their offspring. Photo: Rottweil/Schmider district

Is it true that from the beginning of April until July 15th, in principle, all dogs can only be walked on a leash? This news spread like wildfire on social networks last week. I’ll clarify.

District office spokeswoman Andrea Schmider said inquiries were also received from subordinate hunting authorities at the Rottweil district office. We provide detailed information on what the requirements for leads in the Rottweil area actually are.

Your statement: “Although there is no general obligation to wear a leash in Baden-Württemberg, and therefore also in Rottweil, there is an urgent need for consideration.”

Cities have their own regulations

Because “no general obligation to keep them on a leash” doesn’t mean your four-legged friends are free to run around everywhere. Many municipalities, including the cities of Rottweil and Dornhan, have their own bylaws governing how lead requirements are handled within their city or municipal boundaries. Dog owners can learn more about the regulations at City Hall.

This is what it looks like in the forest

And in the forest? Here, the diverse interests of forest visitors, from mountain bikers to hikers to dog owners, require us to be considerate of each other and the forest’s inhabitants. Junior game official Hannes Fehringer explains why the current situation is particularly difficult: “From April onwards, many wild animals leave their offspring. This means that the forest becomes a breeding and breeding ground.” Dogs that roam through undergrowth can be a serious nuisance to parents and offspring.

Poaching crime is imminent

Common sense is important to him. “In some cases, we recommend simply doing something that is not regulated by law or regulation, such as putting a leash on your dog. If you know that, you have to keep the animal anyway.” Leash. Fehringer: “People who let their dogs roam free in the woods should always call their four-legged friends back if this is not possible and the dog chases, chases, or endangers wild animals. You have to be able to influence it.”The crime can be committed as poaching.

This means that your dog does not necessarily need to be on a leash in the woods of the Rottweil area if he is reliably obedient without it. Things are different in nature reserves, where leashing is usually required. And people who own so-called list dogs (colloquially known as fighting dogs) are never allowed off-leash anyway.

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