May 21, 2024

This episode is a little different than the others. Because it’s about a very special destiny. The sad fate of Pepe the dog.

Pepe came to his owners Giti and Andreas from an animal shelter and lived a happy life with them. Until he was diagnosed with an eye injury at the age of nine. After many medical trials, it was determined that Pepe’s eyes needed to be removed. But that wasn’t all. A little later, Pepe also lost sight in his second eye. However, the owners do not give up. They have also terminated their building savings contract with Pepe. And their efforts are worth it. Pepe continues to cope with daily life with Giti and Andreas, albeit with some minor limitations. He can now even walk up the stairs on his own. In this episode, Liza and Mareike discuss the difficult pros and cons of dog treatment, animal health insurance, and Liza provides information on owning a dog with a disability. Please listen to Pepe’s story!

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