May 21, 2024

Essen dog drama! Our four-legged friends are in a hurry to find a new home. He is not doing well at the animal shelter. He has to change something quickly.

“Unfortunately, this disease does not stop and the next emergency furry needs urgent help,” said Essen Animal Shelter, which is currently assisting animal lovers in the city with canine emergencies. Now it’s all about everything.

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Essen dog languishes in animal shelter

“Unfortunately, Juno’s owner is no longer able to care for him and the poor guy is suffering tremendously,” the animal shelter wrote on Facebook. This 14-year-old dog is very “simple”, “frugal” and just “nice”. That’s why employees are hoping to find a new home for our four-legged friend as soon as possible.

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Because Essen Animal Shelter knows exactly what Juno doesn’t want to die in an animal shelter. However, seniors may face exactly this sad fate. Because it’s not always so easy for older dogs to find new owners. Young four-legged friends, especially puppies, are much more popular with interested parties.

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Essen dog urgently needs owner

Additionally, there are several “construction sites,” as the animal shelter affectionately calls them, so things aren’t exactly great for Juno. “Unfortunately, the prognosis is very poor. Employees believe this four-legged friend may not have much time left.” We are urgently looking for a foster home for the rest of our lives.”

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Anyone who can imagine bringing Juno home should know a few things about this male dog. “Juno doesn’t have big demands and requires a lot less dog walking. He doesn’t like much noise, so he needs to be quiet and comfortable.” Juno is also a hospice dog at the Essen Animal Shelter. All costs will be billed to the facility as it occupies space. The new owner won’t have to worry about running up medical bills.

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