May 18, 2024

Walker saw the horrifying photos in Rowang last week. Here, near a forest path, not far from the SSV stadium, there was a dead pregnant goat with a fawn in its belly, which must have given birth within the past two weeks.

District tenants were immediately notified

Margitta Gramlich-Bommersbach, a tenant in the area who was immediately contacted, said she assumed the wild animal and its unborn child had died as a result of being chased by the dog. That’s why she wants to raise awareness among dog owners to keep their four-legged friends on leashes during breeding and breeding seasons for young animals.

Disturbing images emerge from Rohrwang

Early settlement and breeding season

According to Gramlich Bommersbach, the spawning and breeding season for young animals in forests and meadows usually begins at the end of April. However, given the recent rise in temperatures, this started earlier. If you think about it that way, there are probably many deer that are about to give birth to their babies.

In principle, there is no obligation to keep a leash in the forest.

The 44-year-old woman from Aalen says the Lower Hunting Office of the Ostalbkreis district office says dogs do not need to be kept on leads in the forest as long as they are present. She got her hunting license 11 years ago and together with her father rent about 600 hectares of forest. Their territory extends from the city center to the Ostalb clinic and just before Hammerstadt.

Also found in other forest areas

But Gramlich-Bommersbach knows that sometimes getting a dog back requires more theory than practice. Otherwise, there would not be such unpleasant incidents that tenants from other areas were also called in in the last few days. Gramlich-Bommersbach says there are always carcasses of wild animals that have most likely been hunted by dogs, and he thinks of the roe deer that got stuck in a sheep fence in Unterronbach and strangled itself.

Dead goats and fetuses are disposed of in a sewage treatment plant

The dead goats and their fetuses were disposed of at the carcass collection point of the Hazennest sewage treatment plant in Aalen. To prevent incidents like this from happening again, Professor Gramlich Bommersbach is urging dog owners to keep their four-legged friends on leashes.

Traffic accidents are likely to occur

In the case of deer, hunting with dogs can lead to the death of well-shod goats, as the incident in Rolwang shows. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the chased parent may cause a traffic accident while fleeing from the dog, resulting in fatal injuries. As a result, the young animals were left alone, which meant a painful death for them.

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