May 21, 2024

Darmstadt – Yesterday, on Tuesday evening, dog treats prepared using nails were discovered near Darmstadt.of police We have therefore issued a public warning to all dog owners in the area.

The montage shows a closed dog food on the left and an open dog food prepared with a nail on the right. © Montage: South Hesse Police Headquarters

The dangerous dog bait was found at around 7pm on the edge of the Winkelschneise forest south of Darmstadt, South Hesse police headquarters said on Wednesday.

Therefore, pedestrians were walking with their dogs. The four-legged friend’s attention was drawn to a treat containing a nail lying on the floor.

“Fortunately his dog did not eat the food,” the spokesperson added.

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The dog’s owner inspected the find and then called police.immediately began an investigation.

Dangerous dog food has been discovered in a forest south of Darmstadt. Police have therefore issued a warning to all dog owners in the area. (symbolic image) © Montage: Bernd Weißbrod/dpa-Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa

At that time, as the animal protection organization PETA states in a statement regarding “dangerous dog feeding”, “Police officers should always be called in the event of a suspicious incident or discovery.” He did exactly the right thing. .

In the online text, experts also offer tips on what dog owners should do if their pet eats dangerous food.

Witnesses who can provide information about the as-yet-unidentified person who placed the bait in southern Darmstadt are asked to contact Darmstadt Police Station 2 on 0615196941210.

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Police are also warning all dog owners and asking them to be extra careful. “Always ensure that your pet does not have the opportunity to eat anything on the ground while walking,” the police spokesperson stressed.

The incident is particularly explosive because the Darmstadt local organization of the Great Dane Club is based near Winkelschneise. Therefore, club members and their animals likely spend a lot of time walking on forest trails.

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