May 18, 2024

of Upper Austria Administrative Court He said this after fatally biting a jogger. No dogs allowed The charges against the animal’s owner have only been partially confirmed.

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The community gave her the attitude of 4 american staffordshire terrier All other dogs of this breed are prohibited. The ban applied to the four dogs, but not to dogs in general.

Current dog ownership laws do not allow the latter. A novella is also in the works.

Jogger dies after biting attack

In October 2023, three American Staffordshire Terriers caught a dog on a walk in Nan (Perg area). jogger occurs, bitten to death.The dog’s owner was sued negligent homicide Legally binding for 15 months sentenced to partial imprisonment. The bite incident also led to stricter dog ownership laws in Upper Austria.

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The dog was euthanized and the other three found new homes.

After the incident, the mayor banned the woman’s four American Staffordshire terriers (one has already been euthanized and three have been placed in new homes) and other dogs of the same breed. issued a notice to do so.

In response, the woman filed a complaint.

The court allowed the animals to be accepted.

The court upheld the ban on four dogs with specific names, announced on Wednesday’s broadcast. According to the current legal situation, keeping dogs is prohibited if it is impossible to prevent danger or unreasonable harassment to people or animals.

Negotiations reached the conclusion that this should be expected, given the seriousness of the incident.

Although it is a dog breed, it is not prohibited.

However, the general ban on breeding American Staffordshire Terriers did not last long. The logic is that this decision had to be amended because, according to current law, the ban on keeping dogs is only imposed on certain types of dogs.

There is currently no legal possibility to impose breed-specific or general dog-keeping bans on people. However, this is set to change in the proposed amendments to the Dog Ownership Act, which finished its review on Tuesday.

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