May 27, 2024

For the first time in ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’ history: two celebrities admit to having sex on camera.

Wake up with the second episode of “Battle of the Reality Stars” (Wednesdays at 8:15 pm on RTLzwei and RTL+). Calvin Kleinen, 32, still wants to cuddle in bed. When she got out of bed, Elsa Latifaji, 19, who happened to be nearby, “hugged” her. Elsa has a different understanding of her physical touch. She tied him up with tape. Other celebrities think the idea is naive, but only Maurice raises moral concerns. As it turns out, Elsa has a boyfriend.

Beach supplies: “New old” (self-proclaimed) Jenny Elbers, 51, arrives. “Hide your alcohol,” cried Kevin Schaefer, 34, alluding to the great mother of Germany’s It Girls. Ben Tewag, 47, is happy to finally have someone to meet. After all, Kevin sold Jenny’s clothes ten years ago. And she complains because she didn’t tip him.

Following Jenny, Aleks Petrovich (32) is the next “Summer House of the Stars” participant Maurice Zywak (25) who wants to shake off his image on “Battle of the Reality Stars” ) to follow. However, he doesn’t seem to truly regret his partner’s sometimes toxic behavior in his villa. Rather, he complains that he is having a hard time being a “manly man” these days. Maurice, a rival at Sommerhaus, is shaken by Aleks’ decision to expel him. “I’ll be out soon,” he mutters. At least aspiring alpha males shake hands in greeting.

Lion Maurice vs nemesis Alex

The first game of the episode pits Aleks against Maurice. Stars compete in his teams of three. One of them must slide into a large ball filled with air and studded with pennants. Then you need to get into the clinch and peel off as many opponent’s pennants as possible. It contains complex words, some spelled correctly and others incorrectly. In the second step, all three of his teammates must separate the words into correct and incorrect answers.

Aleks clearly has an edge over Maurice. The loser is exhausted and vomits. The cycle will be broken. When it comes to guessing terms, “old” Jenny’s solid spelling skills are impressive. Truly old school. Ben, Sarah’s oldest child after Jenny, also claims this knowledge as his own. He arranges his own words and does not seek the opinion of his teammates Calvin or Elsa.

This will backfire. Team Ben remains in last place. The trio of Kevin, Kino Weiss (42), and Cecilia Asolo (28) gave the best performance. The winning team will be exempted from punishment. Punishment sounds like a reward at first. Every time Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” plays, celebrities have to go to his executive suite for his party with champagne. But at some point the fun stops, the constant climbing of stairs takes its toll on the legs, and the champagne lingers in the head. When Vivaldi came on at midnight, Ben at first refused, then went to Sara for a cigarette. Violation of rules associated with pointing a finger at the camera. A “little punk” (Jenny about Ben) is about to explode.

dog wags its tail

Calvin and Elsa get close in the pool. “Are we on Temptation Island?” asks Aleks, who has experience with TV loyalty tests. Cecilia sees Calvin “wagging his tail” through his boxer shorts. Or maybe the dog is wagging its tail? In any case, all thinking stops in Calvin’s case. He keeps forgetting that Elsa has a boyfriend. He puts their beds together for the night. Elsa also forgets about her friends. In any case, she and Calvin grow suspiciously close in a makeshift double bed.

The next morning, the shocking truth is revealed that Calvin and Elsa actually had sex. Perhaps as the first couple in the history of “Battle of the Reality Stars.” Elise Koch and Paco Herb still denied having sex in 2022, despite suspicious activity under the blanket.

Prol Casanova Calvin has no conscience. It’s common for Elsa to mutter something like “It just happened.” In her interview, she actually tearfully broke up with her boyfriend. Now, several months after the recording, he finds out what really happened. Maurice, a moralist, is furious at Elsa’s “disgrace.” He also counts Calvin, but tends to target women. Calvin suspects that Maurice is jealous because he was also good friends with Elsa.

“God of Reality” saves Maurice in “Bastard Game”

In “Wall of Truth”, the stars have to evaluate who has the worst image according to the audience. Calvin and Elsa’s sexual escapades are not yet included in the ratings. Alex lands in front of alt-punk Ben. As punishment, he must carry around a cardboard cutout of his ex-girlfriend Cristina Dimitriu, 32. He deceived them on the “Island of Temptation”.

The next “Asshole Game” (Jenny) follows. Each celebrity must nominate two colleagues to their “Circle of Misfortune”. The couple selected by the wheel will receive two envelopes. There is something good in one and something bad in the other. Of course, Maurice chooses the disgraced Elsa, who completely escalates (“Fucked up wanker”). Then karma kicks in and the wheel of fate chooses Maurice and Valencia. Maurice receives an envelope containing a ticket to the next round. He thanks “the God of reality” for the spread of common sense.

“Have fun with the professionals”

Valencia, on the other hand, will not be allowed to play a safety game to protect themselves. Teams of two must sort historical events on a timeline, from the moon landing to the birthday of “Battle of the Reality Stars” host Kathy Hamels, 36. Complicating matters is the fact that some stars don’t even know what an “event” is. Calvin at least knows that the school is named after Konrad Adenauer. When World War II ended, however, this was not the case. Cecilia is at a loss as to when the Berlin Wall “came down.” Elsa and Kino don’t even know about presenter Cathy Hamels.

This time Ben was convincing and won the match along with Tanya Tischwitsch (34). Therefore, Ben, who is a volatile candidate, will not be eliminated. The disgrace of newcomers Alex and Jenny falls on Valencia, who, according to Jenny, is one of the most durable people. She sees it differently. “Have fun with the proles,” she said as the “passionate millionaire” bid her farewell.

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