May 20, 2024

if – This sight is so incredibly sweet!two dog They shed their animalistic side for just a moment and become famous almost overnight.

“What is that?” This dog is waiting for a hungry and thirsty customer. ©Screenshot/Instagram/oscarnkarma

So-called ‘vada pav’ stalls are common in the Indian state of Maharashtra. If you feel a little hungry every now and then, we have some delicious vegetarian fast food available for you.

But in the following cases, the delicacy of the dish is never the focus. Rather, it is about the “service staff” who provide the service.

Please forgive Dolly Chaiwala and Delhi Vada Pav Girl! The two four-legged friends quickly turned over to watch and help in the kitchen. This clip, which has spread like wildfire on Instagram, is quite funny.

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Anyone who claims that Indian street food can only be prepared with one or two hands will be proven wrong at this point.


“Service dogs” prove they can do their job neatly with their paws

Our four-legged friend from India, who wears glasses and a wristband, is garnering a lot of sympathy. ©Screenshot/Instagram/oscarnkarma

The small stand, which reads “Gori Ki Chaupuri” in the video, takes on a particularly funny atmosphere with the sudden appearance of American billionaire Bill Gates, 68.

Not only was he very wealthy, but he was also clearly thirsty, so he ordered chai for one of his dogs.

This unusual employee prepares delicious drinks for guests, completely according to his service and without having to ask twice.

Police warn: dangerous dog food found in Darmstadt

To do this, the dog, wearing oversized glasses and a red ribbon, first pours water and milk into a container with his paws, then adds various other ingredients, and finally mixes them thoroughly.

Almost kinder than the police would let on, he proudly presents the results of his now “service” to his wealthy “friends.” He deftly balances the half-full glass on his small head. That concludes the incredibly cool number. I hope the millionaire is completely satisfied.

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