July 12, 2024

This cozy cushion from Zara Home is a stylish accessory for your home and may become your four-legged friend’s new favorite place.

ZARA HOME pet pillow

ZARA HOME’s stylish pet pillows are Available in two sizes: 30 x 40 cm for small pets such as cats, dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers, and 50 x 70 cm for large dogs such as beagles and bulldogs. The surface of the cushion is made of 100% linen, and the back is a mixture of polyester and cotton, giving it an impressive high-quality finish. The pillow has two style options, as both sides look different. One side is a soft beige with thin stripes of apricot, rust red, and dark gray. The other side is an earthy medium brown with white and dark brown stripes.

Zara Home's striped pet pillow is available in two sizesZara Home's striped pet pillow is available in two sizes
Zara Home striped pet pillow, available in 2 sizes (© Zara Home)

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Harmony and contrast: which side of the pillow should you choose?

The bright side of the cushion pairs perfectly with bright interior styles, such as Scandinavian, bohemian, or modern minimalist chic. The colors are soft and the atmosphere is natural and calming. Light coats like white cats or light brown poodles are less noticeable here.

Dark surfaces, on the other hand, create a warm and inviting atmosphere and pair perfectly with rustic or industrial interior styles and earth-toned furniture. Dense cat or dog hair is less noticeable here.you can get over it double design option You can also change the look of your pillow to suit your mood or match it to the season. Spring and summer are bright and cheerful. In the fall and winter, the atmosphere is relaxed and rustic. Maybe your four-legged friend will find a page they like, too.

Here’s how to get the most out of your pet pillow

The combination of cushion materials makes it not only comfortable for your pet, but also easy to clean. You can keep your pillows fresh by vacuuming them regularly and wiping them carefully.Machine washable and portable Can be washed in hot water up to 30℃ and can be rotated briefly. Before washing, the pillow should be cleaned using either a lint roller or a pet brush to remove hair and protect the washing machine. Wearing rubber gloves is also a good solution. Put on damp rubber gloves and rub it on your pillow. The hair will stick to the rubber, so you can easily handle it. This will prevent too much cat or dog hair from clogging the machine.

Zara Home Pet Pillow could become your cat or dog’s new favorite place. The material composition provides comfort, and dual design options allow you to tailor the pillow to your current mood or specific situation. Not only does it have a light side that is suitable for light animal fur, but it also has a refreshing impression, making it perfect for spring and summer. The dark side of the pillow creates a more calming atmosphere and is suitable for animals with dark fur.

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