May 27, 2024

April 16, 2024 Press Release

Ingo Rudnick’s dog center in Alpenroth recently opened its doors to a very interested group of visitors. Visits included Annika von Kiedrowski, economic development officer for the Hachenburg community, Holger Schleitauer, city councilor from the local community of Alpenroth, and Matthias Mies, community official. Take an exploratory tour of this locally based facility.

Ingo Rudnick explained the concept to interested visitors. (Photo: VG Hachenburg)

alpen rod. Since its establishment in 2007, the Dog Center has provided a wide range of services for people and dogs. This center provides everything a dog’s heart desires, from indoor and outdoor training, training for school and companion dogs, seminars, day and overnight boarding, food shop and salon. “During the quieter months, 250 dogs visit us every week,” says Ingo Rudnick proudly. In particular, our seminars, lectures and workshops in collaboration with Simone Prosser, owner of Nister’s Animal-Info, have been successful and we have successfully expanded our range of services.

Increase in the number of dogs kept
The number of dog owners in Germany is increasing, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, but new questions are arising, especially when it comes to balancing dogs and work. The option of bringing a beloved four-legged friend to work has proven to be an attractive solution for many employees. More and more companies are recognizing the benefits that office dogs can bring, not only to employee satisfaction but also to external image and workplace atmosphere.

Ingo Rudnick responds to this trend by continuously developing its products and adapting them to society’s needs. In addition to the existing opportunities for interested dog owners to receive companion dog training, he is planning additional courses dedicated to “Dogs at Work” and will be sharing information about this via his social media. We would like to provide this. Completing the course could also provide an opportunity for those who have not yet decided on an employer to set the standard for taking their dog, the business development agency emphasized during the visit.

The positive influence of dogs in the workplace
It’s no longer a secret that dogs have a positive impact on people’s well-being. Office dogs reduce stress, encourage interaction between colleagues, and motivate people to take walks together during their lunch breaks. A win-win situation for humans and animals.

The visit to the Alpenrod Dog Center not only highlighted the range of services offered here, but also the relevance of the theme of “Dogs at Work” in today’s working world. It’s great to see local businesses like Alpenrod Dog Center adapting to societal changes and contributing to the quality of life in our region. (afternoon)

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Locality: Hachenburg and surroundings

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