May 27, 2024

Berlin – Malinois Leon (3) has not been able to learn much about anything other than terrain in his life as a dog. Berliner Animal shelter.Quiet people wait for almost 3 years dog That his destiny will change for the better and that he will reach his full potential.

Malinois Leon, 3, lives in an animal shelter in Berlin and is looking for a future home. © Berlin Animal Shelter

Keepers say Leon is a funny, bright and energetic dog who loves his two-legged friends more than anything and enjoys learning new things.

This young male is now very settled and enjoys regular training with his keepers.

The trainer says the 3-year-old is focused on work and easily motivated by food. According to his keepers, Leon will do anything for a snack. Leon doesn’t really like toys. As observed by zookeepers, he prefers to work with humans.

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Therefore, the Belgian Shepherd Dog longs for a place to call home. As his handlers know, his past hasn’t been particularly rosy.

Apparently there was a biting incident in the previous family, so Leon came to the house. For this reason, it is especially important to allow your beautiful Malinois to live with people who can provide confidence, leadership and security.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog wants to be adopted by a two-legged friend. © Berlin Animal Shelter (image montage)

Young dogs are easily overwhelmed by stressful situations and often react aggressively.

Leon wants a quiet life in the countryside, but is not at all comfortable in the city.

The animal shelter would like to find a home for the beautiful Malinois with people who have experience with the breed in families without children.

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Leon doesn’t think his dog companions are all that great at first, but with a lot of time and patience, this 3-year-old can become his second dog too. However, Leon desires life as a bachelor prince with a knowledgeable owner.

If you have space for a young Malinois Leon in your home and can care for him according to his breed, please call the animal caretakers at Benji House. 030/76 888212 Please describe your living situation and experience with Belgian Shepherd Dogs.

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