May 27, 2024

The Ulm Theater is looking for unusual furry and four-legged actors. A dog appears on stage in the opera “Lessons in Love and Violence.” Artistic director and director Kay Metzger said the animal will appear twice, each lasting about 10 to 15 minutes. You should not do any tricks. The only task is to stand stoically next to the singer. Ten performances are scheduled from June to July.

At the casting, three owners had already presented their animals to director and soprano Maria Rosendorfski and a representative from the veterinary office. That’s because animals need to be allowed to appear in operas.

This will not work without permission

“When exhibiting an animal, in this case a dog, it must be reported to the competent authorities in order to obtain the corresponding permit,” the Veterinary Office explained. The list of criteria for such an appearance is long. Therefore, it must be an adult, healthy and confident animal. The veterinarian’s office says dogs are used to external stimuli such as noise, indoor spaces, and crowds of people, and should be able to cope with them relatively stress-free.

“I learned from the press and neighbors that the theater was looking for people,” the dog’s owner, Maria Magdalena Katarina Ross von Gross, told Tudor. Then she registered her two-and-a-half-year-old Borzoi, Herceg, for a casting. Greyhound breeds like to express themselves, she said. “Herceg really likes to show off and loves music. She already has experience working with animal actors.” Your cat has appeared in several movies.

When dog owners need to intervene

The holder must remain at the edge of the stage at all times during the performance. “If you notice that your dog is getting restless, you should take him out early,” Metzger says. There are extras who can take the animals off the stage. The dog won’t be a new theater employee, but his expenses will be covered.

The veterinarian’s office explained that whether the dog actually appears on stage at the end of “Lessons in Love and Violence” is an open question and is currently under investigation. Basically, people are present at theater performances and rehearsals to check on animal welfare.

But Metzger explained that since there are no dogs on stage, the performance won’t be a hit. However, props are not appropriate for the style of this opera. She will be rich if she has a dog.

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