May 18, 2024

schedule. Animal cruelty, bodily harm and intimidation: A 34-year-old Plain man is required to answer to a series of allegations in District Court. It was discovered that he had 2.5 permyl in his blood and that he had first abused his own dog and then an acquaintance of his.

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The brawl happened in the summer of 2022 in front of a bar in Plain. The defendant was walking a dog named Odin. But this young animal clearly didn’t want to look like the 34-year-old. The man allegedly pulled the dog roughly on the leash, hit the dog with the palm of his hand, and finally knelt on the dog’s head for several seconds.

PROCESS: Witness speaks of dog attack in Plein

A witness who watched the incident from across the street reported in court that the animal was “screaming”. She was the one who called the police when the man pinned her animal to the ground with his knee. She said, “I will intervene.”

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The defendant did not want to remember hitting the animal. Dogs are trained with love, he told the court. He seemed almost shocked as he listened to witnesses describe the scene. “I accept this and accept any punishment,” he said just before the trial ended.

A few minutes later, the man pushed his acquaintance hard in front of the bar, causing him to fall. Finally, the defendant took the opponent’s headgear and hit him in the head with it several times.

It happened when police arrived in front of Plain’s pub

As revealed in court, the altercation did not stop when police arrived. The man yelled at an acquaintance: “I’m going to go to his house, kick in his front door, and punch him some more.” Police officers became aware of this threat and detained him as a precaution.

It is said that the defendant’s life has changed since the incident. He hasn’t had alcohol in two years. A caregiver is by his side. “I’m a peace-loving person.” A combination of alcohol and attention-deficit disorder (ADHD) made him “very dangerous” at the time. He is currently taking medication for his illness.

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He is now friends again with the friend he hit back then. “We were at odds at the time,” the 49-year-old said. But he’s not angry anymore. After a year of radio silence, the statement was released. “I have no interest in him being punished.”

The judge sentenced the man to a fine of 450 euros. “You were in stupid and exceptional circumstances that got out of hand,” the judge said. Planer accepted the punishment in court. “It’s a fair sentence.”


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