May 18, 2024

Bianca D., who lives in Bristedt (Paine district), still can’t believe it. Her family’s beloved dog, Ben, died in a tragic accident, as she explains in an interview with the editorial team that he died after being hit by a car.

What’s especially dramatic is that her 11-year-old son had to witness the whole thing. In addition to all the pain the families in the Peine area had to endure, there was also a lot of anger. Because the person who caused the accident probably just ran away. Now the police are also getting involved. You can read the full text here.

Paine district: tragic accident

It all started with a frantic search in a quiet community. Suddenly Ben disappeared from the garden of the house and no one knew where he was. How exactly this happened is unknown at this time. The journey came to a fatal end for the Australian Shepherd.

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“It was impossible for him to escape, but it happened,” Bianca D explains. “My son and husband immediately went looking for him. It didn’t take long for the family’s girlfriend’s 11-year-old son to run away.” He found Ben on Lebenstädterstrasse, but at that point he could no longer prevent the accident.

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Any help comes too late for Ben.

A black BMW reportedly jumped out from the direction of Salzgitter and hit the dog. Ben was left on the street with serious injuries. “When I heard my son’s screams, I rushed over,” Bianca D. said. The family immediately took the four-legged friend to the vet, but it was too late for any help for the four-legged friend. Doctors decided to put him out of pain.

What remains is a family trauma, compounded by the fact that the family’s daughter has a severe heart condition. Ben has been her faithful companion since her birth and a moral support during difficult times. The groove he has left now is deep.

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But one thing remains a concern for families in the Peine area. Whoever was in the BMW and was involved in the accident simply walked away without worrying about the consequences. My son still recognized the car’s license plate number. The family has now filed a criminal complaint with the police. When asked, Peine police were able to confirm such reports. The investigation into the accident is still ongoing.

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