May 18, 2024

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Group exercises challenge both animals and their owners.
Group exercises challenge both animals and their owners. © Suke

What if Bello doesn’t listen to me?Jessica Wranzik helps dog owners train their animals

Bad Homburg – Big eyes stare at the master and mistress, wet noses smell the warm spring air blowing through the Kildorferfeld. One word – Then suddenly the dog ran away. and stop again with command.

“It takes a lot of work to get the dog owner and the animal ready,” says Jessica Vranich. The 34-year-old runs her own dog school in Bad Homburg as a part-time job.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that it’s primarily dog ​​owners who have to work on themselves,” Vranich explains. She emphasizes that animals respond to their actions and change direction.

How and in what way a person and dog fit together – it begins with the choice of a future pet. “When you bring a dachshund into your home, you have to realize that they are hunting animals,” Vranich explains. Dogs are not suitable for people who don’t like walking. “And dachshunds also need to try their hand at smell, like searching for objects and people.”

Please check in advance: What characteristics does the variety I want have?

Many people don’t know what type of dog or breed characteristics they are bringing into their home. “That’s why we always recommend getting advice from a dog school beforehand about which dog is right for you. Otherwise, buying an animal you don’t know about could mean a frustrating experience at an animal shelter, or It could end up being worse.”

Gabriele Deisenroth stands relaxed with her furry friend on a path near the forest where the group practices today. Your Weimaraner is one of the more challenging breeds he is. Their strong territoriality and energetic stubbornness demand a lot from their owners. “This animal requires a special program,” says the 56-year-old. “Fortunately, dog schools offer just that. Your dog barks – you might think we’re pretty much in agreement.”

Now you can start practicing with others. For example, passing by other dogs without paying much attention to them. Or complete a U-turn in the hallway. But something is different about this training. Neither the owner nor his girlfriend Vranjic use any aids or tools to train their dogs.

“We are working according to the concept of Anton Fichtelmeyer,” explains the trainer. This method uses body language instead of voice to send commands to your dog. When you raise your hand, the dog will stop. If you crouch down and spread your arms, the dog will run to the owner. Similarly, a four-legged friend will immediately let you know whether his behavior is good or bad by sounds and gestures, rather than human language.

“I like using this system because it is also suitable for more demanding animals,” says Vranjic. “Just because the approach is different doesn’t mean a regular dog school is inferior or better,” she emphasizes. Vranich himself has been around dogs since an early age. When she was 11 years old, her family already had two animals.

After that, things became really professional for her through the dog sport “Agility”. Her goal is to complete the obstacle course without making any mistakes. After participating in her European Championships, she started training dogs. Since then, her resume lists additional training in dog training. And that’s in addition to her actual job at the bank.

Owning a dog is expensive

Vranich keeps a close eye on dog owners and their animals during the exercise, and the four-legged friends seem to enjoy the challenge. Some animals are excited to see what their owners will do next.

“Dog schools cost between 20 and 50 euros per group booking,” says Vranjic. It mainly depends on the location. In metropolitan areas like Frankfurt, it’s usually more expensive. Prices are often lower in rural areas. Prospective owners should plan for additional costs, even if the dog is not trained. Because keeping a four-legged friend is not a simple matter financially.

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