May 27, 2024

die Semmering Police Station An investigation was conducted after the incident, but 78 year old hunter for animal abuse and threaten physical safety in Vienna Neustadt Public Prosecutors Office It shows. A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office confirmed that prosecutors dropped the case against the hunting tenant several days ago. Erich Habitzl. Hunting tenants cannot be accused of illegal activity.

seize weapons

The investigation revealed that the incident was different from what was initially expected. Witnesses at the time said the pensioner, a resident of Vienna, fired shots at the house and the people staying there, endangering residents.

ban on weapons

die firearmammunition and weapons passport It was first taken away from men and was worn for the time being. ban on weapons I pronounced it. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the initial information could not be confirmed during the investigation. My suspicions were shattered.

No one was in danger from the gunfire. Habitsuru. There were no people nearby.

dog caught on wildlife camera

Moreover, this is not the first time that this mongrel dog has been “worshipped” by running freely in Breitenstein’s Falvise district, “Therefore, there were several discussions with the dog’s owner beforehand.” Wildlife Camera There are also records of dogs running freely.” prosecutor.

The dog was also seen running freely in the area that night in February. According to paragraph 64 of Lower Austria hunting law Official hunters are allowed to kill poaching and hunting dogs, and game wardens are also required to do so.

According to the law, a dog can be killed by hunters even if it “visibly evades the supervision of its owner and wanders outside the range of a call.”

Josef Prol: Consensus instead of firing

In charge of this incident is Disciplinary powers of the Lower Austrian Hunting Association I followed them like a hawk and checked them individually for possible fraud.

Like a hunting champion in Lower Austria Josef Proll In a recent interview with KURIER, he urged local hunters to “resolve these problem areas with consensual solutions,” adding, “Laws and enforcement are two different things. ” Our fair minds make it hard to argue with solving such problems in other ways before solving them in one shot. ” Prol.

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