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“There are many human hairdressers in Jülich,” says Alina Rammerz. But what about dog hairdressers? In this respect, the proposal is clear. The 29-year-old says there is only one dog salon in his town of 33,000 people in North Rhine-Westphalia. That is, their own. She opened it in February. Next to the cafe in the market square. It’s called Dog Salon Rio, and it’s a modern, light-filled room that’s not typical for dog groomers. Although their salons sometimes have promising names like “Cicobello”, they are usually less developed in terms of design. But no problem. Dogs aren’t that picky when it comes to design.

Alina Lammerz’s salon has two seats in the front (for people to sit) and a small coffee table. On the wall is a framed 3 stating that she is a veterinary assistant and animal health worker and a graduate of a three-month training course at a salon in Cologne to become a “professional dog groomer.” There are certificates hanging up (the scene says “groomer”). , English to groom = to the groom).

Cute little white dog in a pet barber shop

Only the best for Fifi: According to a study, dog ownership in Germany is a market with annual sales of around 6 billion euros

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On the opposite wall are the tables where the center of the store, the hairdresser, is placed. It can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the candidate being styled. On this day, different types of women make appointments with Julich women. First up is Mara, a Goldendoodle. Next up is Lucy, a Pomeranian, and Felix, a wire-haired dachshund. Also Simba the chow chow. Lastly, we have Koda, an American bull terrier.

According to statistics, 10.6 million dogs live in German households. As the German official says, only dogs registered “for dog tax” are recorded, and perhaps that’s not all, there are probably several more. If you assume that there are 300 recognized dog breeds and 90% of them have a coat that requires grooming, you can imagine how big the market for grooming is. Some thrifty people prefer to attack the dog’s hair themselves, which often results in the dog looking like that.

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But in general, Germans are not afraid to spend a lot of money on their pets. Research from the University of Göttingen shows that owning a dog can be a luxury, from taxes to food, collars, liability and doctor’s visits. The cost of a dog dance – a course, a Louis Vuitton carrier bag for your dog or an urgently needed boarding school stay to treat a notoriously aggressive male dog – Germany’s annual turnover is almost 6 billion euros This is the market.

Germans’ love for dogs makes grooming an attractive profession. Ute Klassen, president of the Professional Groomers Association based in Kastrup-Laxelles, estimates the number of dog groomers at “probably 10,000” (no official statistics available). Their services are in high demand and it can take weeks or even months to get an appointment. If you’re lucky, you can get any of them.

Owner Alina Rammerz grooms her dog Koda at her salon Rio in Jülich.

Owner Alina Rammerz grooms her dog Koda at her salon Rio in Jülich.

Content: Marcus Simatis

Many groomers, especially in big cities, can only afford to take care of their regular customers. New customer? No need to. The price is reasonable. Although there are differences between urban and rural areas, the cost of a haircut for a medium-sized dog is between 60 and 80 euros, depending on the condition of the coat, and sometimes 120 euros (bathing fees are extra). In large cities, you pay much higher prices than in less densely populated areas.

All this means that more and more people are looking for a future source of income and decide to “become a groomer”. Styling that works wonders – just for me! The number of dog groomers is growing, says Ute Klassen. When I asked her whether she found it harder to cut dog or human hair, she dryly replied, “A person who goes to a hair salon want Please cut your hair. ”

Is it a “refresh clipping” plus a bath and blow-dry, or a “topiary cut”? This vessel will soon cost you 120 euros

Is it a “refresh clipping” plus a bath and blow-dry, or a “topiary cut”? This vessel will soon cost you 120 euros

Quelle: TouTouke/Moment RF/Getty Images

A dog that ends up on the grooming table basically only wants one thing. It’s about getting off right away. Some dogs fidget and bark, so you have to have a very thick skin to work carefully as a groomer. When in doubt, put safety first and put a collar on your dog to prevent the urge to run away. It is attached to a kind of gallows that hangs above the table.

Alina Ramerz says that as soon as a dog crosses the threshold into the salon, she can immediately tell what kind of care the dog needs. Mala, a Goldendoodle, receives a bath and blow dryer in addition to a “refresh clip” (dog blow dryers are much more voluminous than human dryers, so they are called dryers rather than blow dryers). Blower”). Duration: 1 hour. For Lucy, a Pomeranian, we remove her undercoat along with bathing, blow-drying, and a “topiary trim.” Duration: 75 minutes.

felt damages fur

Felix, a dachshund, needed a trim and was given a two-hour treatment. Trimming is necessary in certain breeds and involves plucking out the old fur with a special knife. She then cuts Felix’s nails. Alina Rammelz’s work day might have been uneventful if Simba the Chow Chow hadn’t trotted in at the end – the dog was calm and there were no complications. The animal’s fur was so unkempt and matted that Ramerz decided to have it cut off as an emergency. Super shortcut. Time required: approximately 2 hours. Felt can damage the fur and make your dog’s skin less breathable.

Elsewhere, things are a little more confusing. For example, east of Jülich he is Kerpen, 30 kilometers away. Ute Walters founded his business there in 2009. With the addition of Ramona Skiba in 2021 and Ute Walters’ son Aaron in 2022, there are now three groomers working in a small basement salon in a residential area.

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Ute Walters and Ramona Skiba each have two small dogs that like to be with their owners while they work. If the maximum number of customers is still indoors, hair appointments will be made in place of zoo visits. Seven dogs look at each other and sniff each other while letting their hair down. While the dog’s owner is present, we discuss this and that with the groomer. The same goes for hairdressers.

Since this profession is not recognized by the state, anyone who wishes can call himself a groomer and, in theory, issue himself a certificate declaring that he is a representative of this profession You can even do that. Who will check the diplomas hanging on the wall? Unfortunately, the market is completely unregulated, said Ute Klassen, president of the association.

She says the number of unlicensed groomers is increasing. Many people are poorly trained and underestimate what it means to handle a creature that won’t stay still when it’s supposed to. Or someone who bites suddenly doesn’t happen often, but it can happen. How do you tell a black sheep among dog groomers? “Just look at how deformed the animals are when they come out of the salon,” Klassen says. “A few years ago it was a nail salon, but now it’s a dog salon.”

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Anyone who completes the training course organized by the association will learn how to care for the fur of the 50 most popular dog breeds, especially in Germany (according to the current analysis by “Check24”, Labradors are among the most popular dog breeds in the world) Chihuahua and French Bulldog). Additionally, serious training teaches you to avoid things that are harmful to animal welfare or just plain nonsensical. Some groomers suggest using an ultrasonic toothbrush to clean your dog’s teeth.

“It’s the biggest nuisance,” Klassen complains. “Can I get my teeth done at the hair salon?” Some people aren’t afraid to dye their fur. “Creative dog grooming” is the name of this trend, which is especially popular in Japan and China, and can lead to clogged pores, irritation, eczema, allergies, and even burns in dogs. We can’t wait to see how many dogs will shine in black, red and gold at the European Football Championship, which starts in June. At most there isn’t one.

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