May 18, 2024

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Montage: Bathers on the beach near Dubrovnik, Croatia. In the circle you can see a dog looking at a fish swimming in the water.
A strange encounter between a dog and a carnivorous fish occurred near Dubrovnik, Croatia. © Montage: Grgo Jelavic/dpa/Screenshot/@k8cousine

A dog owner had a rare encounter with a predatory fish on a Croatian coast and captured the moment for Instagram.

MUNICH – The distinctive dorsal fin is something of a shark trademark. Ever since this giant predatory fish has become the protagonist of various Hollywood movies, the sight of its dorsal fin sticking out of the water is enough to send beachgoers and swimmers into a complete panic. A similar sight could be seen over the weekend by a Croatian Instagram user who was walking along the beach with his dog. But the Finns belonged to a different animal.

Dog barks at carnivorous fish in Croatia – but it’s not a shark

The Croatian dog’s owner shared a video of the encounter on Instagram on Sunday. He stood on the shore and took pictures of the majestic fish’s fins as they moved up and down the shore. His second protagonist in this clip is an Instagram user’s dog. This little four-legged friend probably wasn’t too happy to see his dorsal fin, so he barked at the fish over and over again.

The dog owner from Croatia clearly didn’t want to withhold this encounter with land and sea creatures from her followers. “Communication between a fish and a dog,” was the description of the short clip on Instagram. According to the article, the video was shot near Dubrovnik, a popular holiday destination in southern Croatia.

A rare sight in Croatia – a dog owner meets a “Mediterranean marlin”

The underwater animal was a predatory fish, but despite the characteristic dorsal fin, it was not a shark, but a Mediterranean marlin (Latin: Tetrapturus belone). The Mediterranean marlin is the most common species of marlin in the Mediterranean Sea. It can reach a length of up to 2.40 meters and a weight of up to 70 kilograms. In addition to the distinctive dorsal fin, the spear-like head appendage that gives it its name is one of the Mediterranean marlin’s distinguishing features.

Due to their hunting behavior, this animal is often found in pairs and is not usually found near the coast. When this video was made, a man and his dog had the rare good fortune of observing a Mediterranean marlin very close to the shore. Perhaps the dog’s bark was an expression of surprise at the strange encounter.

Sharks are not uncommon in the waters off the coast of Croatia – great white sharks are also native to the Adriatic Sea

However, it is not impossible to encounter sharks while walking along the Adriatic coast. Basking sharks and great white sharks, which are more than 10 meters long, are also native to the Adriatic Sea, although they are rare, according to the German Marine Conservation Foundation. Like the Mediterranean spearfish, sightings near the coast are extremely rare. (FD)

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