May 18, 2024

California (USA) – This little one has been sitting for days. dog I was alone on the street, no longer understanding the world. Your furry friend finally gets a happy ending.

The dog was dumped in the middle of a trash can. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

What’s especially heartbreaking is that the place this animal had been sitting every day for the past week was between several foul-smelling garbage cans.

So the dog was literally thrown away like garbage.

For American animal rights activist Suzette Hall, it was a horrifying sight.

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“A very loyal boy, he waited so long,” she wrote sadly in a post shared on Facebook.

Luckily, she wasn’t the only one touched by the fate of her four-legged friend. At least he was fed daily by kind passersby. Nevertheless, Ms. Hall knew this was not a permanent situation for her little furry friend. So for the life of him he could not hide under his car or behind a garbage can.

Hall quickly gathered courage and decided to save the dog.

“When I arrived, I gasped. He was in the middle of a busy road and nearly hit by a car,” she wrote on Facebook. “So I put the cage next to the car where he was hiding.”


The dog got scared and hid behind the car. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

Was heaven waiting for animals to be rescued?

The small dog was finally safe. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

Then it was time to drink tea and wait. For Hall, it was time to eat a hot dog and wait. Her friends actively supported her during her rescue operations and provided her with snacks, among other things.

“He was so scared,” she finally remembered. The four-legged friend seemed to know very well that he would be safe with Hall. Still, she didn’t have the courage to enter the cage that was set up at first.

But 30 minutes later, she breathed a sigh of relief: “He mustered up the courage to go inside.”

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Americans were incredibly relieved.

What happened next shocked her deeply. It was as if the universe was keeping a close eye on the dog’s rescue.

“Heaven was waiting for me. As I drove onto the highway, it started pouring,” she wrote, addressing her disciples with these words: “Sweet child, you are safe from the storm.” He doesn’t have to wait any longer and can forget his past. “You don’t have to sleep in a dumpster anymore.”

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