May 27, 2024

Communication network – Admittedly, Dobermans don’t have a very good reputation.Clips that went viral tick tock This dispelled any prejudice and proved how easy to care for and well-behaved this breed is.

Everything is ready for your big bath day. This Doberman can’t wait for a wash session. ©Screenshot/TikTok/thegoodhype

The Doberman in the next case, who goes by the name Atlas, not only knows how a proper bather should behave, but is also very grateful for the affection shown to him.

This short clip, shared on social media by ‘thegoodhype’ channel, reveals more than just a happy dog.

Atlas enjoys a multi-part bath session to the fullest and looks humbly at the camera, as if he can’t imagine anything more beautiful on earth.

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Atlas is completely relaxed, has lotion applied to his body, and behaves as a well-behaved person should. dog After hearing it, I immediately step in.


Atlas Doberman in the shower: first work, then fun

The dog kept an eye on everything and was much more relaxed. ©Screenshot/TikTok/thegoodhype

Good Dobermans don’t give up when active cooperation is needed. Therefore, you can care for it in stages, keeping it firmly rooted in its place in the shower stall.

Almost every part of the animal’s body, not visible in the photo, is carefully inspected by the zookeeper.

In addition to willingly extending its legs, it also scrubs and cleans its nose, teeth, and face. Of course, you should not neglect cutting the nails at this time.

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The act of placing a specially made bathing hat over the dog’s ears shows the seriousness of this initiative. After all, Dobermans also want to look good on laundry day.

After an individual care session, your four-legged friend can expect a small reward in the form of a treat. Once the procedure is fully finished, with plenty of room to recover, a scrubbed clean Atlas collapses into the bed he’s made, clearly exhausted.

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