May 18, 2024

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Guinness, a small black dog, was surrendered to the Giessen Animal Shelter, neglected and abused. Now there is an update.

Updates after April 16th 2:50pm: “Guinness came to us a few weeks ago in a very dire condition.” These are the opening words of the Giessen Animal Welfare Association’s moving update video, which is available on the association’s Facebook page You can see it at This young man’s situation has now improved significantly.

Giessen animal shelter: Guinness finds a new home

And there’s another update that will especially please those who are particularly excited about Guinness. Today, Guinness has found a new home.

The animal shelter reports that upon arrival, the male dog had poor coat condition, was having difficulty walking, and was extremely underweight. However, over the next few weeks, his condition improved tremendously. Guinness has really blossomed. This is thanks to intensive treatment, including physical therapy, medications, and vitamin supplements.

Guinness goes on to say that not only has he grown over time, but he has also become much more agile. He is more confident and gets along well with his roommate.

Guinness is popular among animal lovers

For future families who have already been found, it’s important to know that Guinness will likely continue to need regular physical therapy to strengthen his bones, tendons and ligaments, according to the animal shelter. It is said that However, the Animal Protection Society emphasizes that this does not limit him.

This black man is very popular among animal lovers on Facebook. One commenter said, “Guinness is so sweet and affectionate,” while another said, “What a beautiful and stately dog.” The Humane Society’s latest post announced that Guinness has found a new home, and people are very happy for our four-legged friend.

Unfortunately, animals left to their fate are becoming more and more common. The dog was left on a leash in Giessen at the end of March.

When I arrived I was haggard and half thirsty.

First report on March 17th at 10:53am: Giessen – When this little black dog showed up at the Giessen Humane Society’s Lost and Found Animal Control Center on Wednesday evening (March 13), officials wondered how serious the four-legged friend’s condition really was. I still didn’t understand what it was. Animal rights activists adopted the male dog around 11pm that day.

It was already obvious that the dog was emaciated and half thirsty. “He just finished his third glass of water and he hasn’t stopped drinking at all,” animal shelter manager Hannah Warne said in a Facebook video. Additionally, the small dog that was delivered to the lost and found shed without any information had bald spots around its eyes and its nails were clearly too long.

Giessen dog Guinness ‘completely a development mistake’

On Friday, Ms Warne once again sent an emotional message to her followers on the animal rights group’s Facebook page. The black dog was later named Guinness by animal shelter staff, but the dog was “completely misdeveloped.” A visit to the animal shelter revealed the dog’s legs and tendons were underdeveloped, he was unable to walk properly, and his teeth were in a “catastrophic state.” “The pictures we saw were truly horrific,” the animal shelter’s manager said on Facebook, summing up the doctor’s visit.

Guinness the dog now wants a better life.
Guinness the dog now wants a better life. © Animal Welfare Association Giessen and surrounding areas eV/Facebook/Screenshot

From his medical photos, Guinness looks like he has spent his entire life in a box, but Verne was clearly shocked by the shy dog’s poor condition. This was also suggested by the many bald spots all over her body. “He couldn’t move, he probably couldn’t even turn around. He was in a really bad condition,” said Vern, emotionally describing the sad state of his little four-legged friend.

Video from Giessen Animal Shelter has been viewed approximately 25,000 times

The head of the Giessen home explained on Facebook that the Humane Society is usually happy when a dog is surrendered to a lost animal shelter. However, in this case, you cannot simply return to your daily life. “I need information,” Vern demanded. The animal shelter wants to investigate Guinness’s source, as what happened to the male dog is simply animal abuse. “We can no longer remain silent in this case. We must find the dog’s owner,” Warne declared.

Guinness will first receive medical care so that he can live a somewhat normal life at some point, the animal shelter director said, explaining the next steps. At this time, it is impossible to predict what the black dog’s health will be like in a few weeks. Finally, Wern asked, “Every tip is helpful. Animal shelters can be contacted by email and phone, so please share your videos as often as possible.” And it seems Vern’s words are being heard on social platforms as well. Within 22 hours, the call had been viewed approximately 25,000 times and commented on 150 times. (hmm)

Also interesting: Zorro, a three-year-old mixed breed, is suffering at the Giessen Animal Shelter. He gradually became depressed at the animal shelter, and animal rights activists no longer knew what to do.

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