May 21, 2024

The state environment agency wants to investigate whether a wolf injured a dog in Haverssee (Potsdam Mittelmark district). A spokesperson for the National Environment Agency in Potsdam said dog owners should send genetic samples taken after Sunday’s incident to authorities. The material is then tested at the Senckenberg Center for Wildlife Genetics, a national reference center in Hesse.

The state hunting association announced Monday about a wolf that attacked a hunting dog. The association also hopes to commission its own DNA analysis based on the samples. So far, attacks on herbivores mainly by wolves are known.

A statement from the hunting association said: “The incident occurred during lunchtime in an area where wolves are commonly sighted, just 250 meters from the village. A dog trainer was tending to horses in a meadow when he spotted this animal. There was a coarse-haired dachshund who was attacked and bitten by a wolf at the edge of the meadow.

State hunting association calls for immediate culling of wolves

In response to a request, the state Department of Environmental Protection said the dog’s owner reported the attack to a crack hotline. It appears that her dog was unsupervised in the forest and was not used as a hunting dog.

The state hunting association demanded that the wolf be killed immediately. The incident shows that it is only a matter of time before something worse happens, said the association’s president, Dirkhöner Wellershoff. “We must act quickly. Until then, caution is advised in this area.”

The state of Brandenburg has the largest number of wolf packs, with 52, according to the state Ministry of Environment. The number of wolf attacks increased from 297 in 2022 to 358 last year. 1281 sheep and goats were killed. (dpa)

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